Meet The 2023 Delegates

Chloe Rosen

Mrs. Hudson Valley

Name: Chloe Rosen

Local Title: Mrs. Hudson Valley

Community Focus: Girls on the Run - Hudson Valley

Husband: James Rosen

Children: 0

Years Married: 2

Lainie Damaskos-Christou

Mrs. Capital Region

Name: Lainie Damaskos-Christou

Local Title: Mrs. Capital Region - America

Community Focus: Bilingual Education and Culture for all through volunteerism and philanthropy. Representing the Daughters of Penelope

Husband: Euripides Christou

Children: 2

Years Married: 29

Victoria Wejko

Mrs. Cayuga County

Name: Victoria Wejko

Local Title: Mrs. Cayuga County

Community Focus: You Are Not Alone, helping survivors of childhood trauma in partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs and The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Husband: John

Children: 3

Years Married: 5

Kristen Dee Bentley

Mrs. Chautauqua County

Name: Kristen Bentley

Local Title: Mrs. Chautauqua County

Community Focus: TSC Alliance - dedicated to finding a cure for tuberous sclerosis complex, while improving the lives of those affected

Husband: Richard Bentley

Children: 3

Years Married: 16

Diana Meyer

Mrs. Greater Rochester

Name: Diana Meyer

Local Title: Mrs. Greater Rochester

Community Focus: Growing Confidence in Women and Girls through Girl Scouts of America and Planet Fitness

Husband: Joshua Meyer

Children: 0

Years Married: 3

Kathy Lovett-McKeever

Mrs. Buffalo

Name: Kathy Lovett-McKeever

Local Title: Mrs Buffalo NY

Community Focus: Kickstart your heart - a dedication to heart healthy living

Husband: Glenn McKeever

Children: 0

Years Married: 6

Lissa Mariel Southerland

Mrs. Long Island

Name: Lissa Southerland

Local Title: Mrs. Long Island America 2023

Community Focus: Representing Athletes For Hope advocating for the importance of good mental health for student athletes

Husband: Jack Dempsey Southerland III

Children: 4

Years Married: 17

Alison Madill

Mrs. Richmond County

Name: Alison Madill

Local Title: Mrs. Richmond County

Community Focus: World Connect: World Connect acts from the local level and directly invests in local ideas to improve the economic viability of communities, particularly where women and girls are impacted most.

Husband: Aaron Madill

Children: 2

Years Married: 13

Kimberly Romach McManus

Mrs. Rochester

Name: Kimberly Romach McManus

Local Title: Mrs. Rochester

Community Focus: Sing-Out Company, Inc.

Husband: Jonathan McManus

Children: 6 - 2 Biological, 4 Step-children

Years Married: 2

Xiaohong Li

Mrs. Staten Island

Name: Xiaohong Li

Local Title: Mrs. Staten Island

Community Focus: As a Director of Neurology Lab in NY State Institute for Basic Research as well as the co-founder of a Biotech company. I have dedicated myself to community work of raising awareness of autism and have raised significant amount of funds for autism care and studies.

Husband: Ian Alberts

Children: 2

Years Married: 17

Amanda Richie Terzian

Mrs. Syracuse

Name: Amanda Richie Terzian

Local Title: Mrs. Syracuse

Community Focus: HeART - Helping Everyone Actively Reach the Trifecta in partnership with Go Red for Women Syracuse and the American Heart Association

Husband: Dr. James M. Terzian

Children: 1

Years Married: 7

Joyce Granger

Mrs. Upstate New York

Name: Joyce Anne Granger

Local Title: Mrs. Upstate, New York

Community Focus: Open Door Mission: A Christian Rescue Mission providing meals, shelter, and emergency needs to the homeless, with a focus on giving hope and a fresh start to those in need.

Husband: Randy

Number of children: 1

Years Married: 13


Victoria Treadwell

Miss Capital District

Name:Victoria Treadwell

Local Title:Miss Capital District for America

Community Focus: “The 4:13 Project” was created to inspire and strengthen those struggling with addiction recovery, so they can believe everything is possible.  I’m bringing awareness to the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse to college campuses and hosting a road race for recovery.

Alyssa Stivers

Miss Finger Lakes

Name: Alyssa Stivers

Local Title: Miss Finger Lakes for America

Community Focus: BarBella World; Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good


Katie Flaherty

Miss Onondaga County

Name: Katie Flaherty

Local Title: Miss Onondaga County for America

Community Focus: It's about TIME- A national initiative to raise awareness of sepsis and the urgent need to seek treatment when symptoms are recognized.

Mia Elena Aldaco

Miss Upstate New York

Name: Mia Elena Aldaco

Local Title: Miss Upstate New York for America

Community Focus: Beautifully and Wonderfully Made

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