Meet The Delegates of 2018

Caroline Monte

Mrs. Amherst

Caroline Monte,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Amherst
  • Husband Name: Mario
  • Number of Children: 3
  • Years Married: 5 months
  • Community Focus: Dash of Kindness: Recipe for a Sweeter World

Pretty Shrestha

Mrs. Cosmopolitan

Pretty Shrestha,

⦁ Local Title Name:  Mrs Cosmopolitan 
⦁ Husband Name: Bibek
⦁ Years Married: 4
⦁ Community Focus: Sneh Organization (Sneh means Love) which is small group of like-minded people who work towards uplifting the lives of vulnerable and marginalized children and their parents.

Amanda Richie Terzian

Mrs. Empire Rose

Amanda Richie Terzian,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Empire Rose
  • Husband Name: James
  • Years Married: 2
  • Community Focus: Heart Health, Goodwill Theatre, Inc., and Volunteer for New York Junior League

Sheila McKinney

Mrs. Empire State

Sheila McKinney,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Empire State
  • Husband Name: Scott
  • Number of Children: 2 - Justin and Alexa
  • Years Married: 17
  • Community Focus:
    Dress for Success - Transforming lives by empowering woman to succeed / W$se - Working in support of Education a NYC based charity that provides financial education, mentoring and assistance to women, mothers and children / Shelly‘s Smile - co-founder 501c-3 umbrella charity supporting multiple medical organizations by funds through races and other events

Alexis Smith

Mrs. Finger Lakes

Alexis Smith,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Finger Lakes
  • Husband Name: Peter
  • Number of Children: 2
  • Married: 3 1/2
  • Community Focus: I am representing the New York State 4-H organization as my platform. 

Yasmeen Gumbs
– Breakenridge

Mrs. Gotham City

Yasmeen Gumbs-Breakenridge,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Gotham City
  • Husbands name: Joseph
  • Number of Children: 1 - Saige
  • Years Married: 8 years
  • Community Focus: Advocating for homeless and economically disadvantaged children and young adults.
  • Charity: New York Cares

Suzanne Booher

Mrs. Gramercy Park

Suzanne Booher,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Gramercy Park​
  • Husband Name: Jim
  • Years Married: 5
  • Community Focus:  McBurney YMCA​

Kate Boydston

Mrs. Hudson Valley

Kate Boydston,

  • Local Title Name: KMrs. Hudson Valley 
  • Husband Name: Chris
  • Number of Children: 1 - Hudson Robert is 6 months old
  • Years Married: 5
  • Community Focus: Autism Awareness with Autism Speaks GHV

Karen Kuo

Mrs. Liberty

Karen Kuo,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Liberty
  • Husbands name: Ming Cheung
  • Number of Children: 3
  • Years Married: 17
  • Community Focus: SwimStrong - Saving One Life at a Time by Teaching Individuals How to Swim

Jessica Fabus Cheng

Mrs. Metropolitan

Jessica Fabus Cheng,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Metropolitan
  • Husbands name - Dan Cheng
  • Years Married - 5 years
  • Community Focus: Everyday Empowerment for the Modern Woman (helping women feel empowered, each and every day); March of Dimes (fundraiser and community advocate) and the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation (volunteer and speaker).   

Rosina Miller

Mrs. Monroe County

Rosina Miller,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Monroe County
  • Husband - Christopher 
  • Years married 14
  • Children 2 - James 11- Vivian 9 
  • Community Focus- Ending the Silence 

Leanne Baum

Mrs. Nassau County

Leanne Baum,

  • Local Title name: Mrs. Nassau County
  • Husband Name: John
  • Years Married: 10 months
  • Community Focus: “Body Positivity - Loving The Skin You’re In”

Marissa Matzen

Mrs. New York City

Marissa Matzen,

  • Local Title name: Mrs. New York City
  • Husbands name: Corey Rossman
  • Months married: 6
  • Community Focus: Holistic Health & Women Empowerment

Katie Flaherty

Mrs. Onondaga County

Katie Flaherty,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Onondaga County
  • Husband Name: Will
  • Years Married: 9
  • Community Focus: My platform is Quality of Life for Children and I represent For a Day Foundation & March of Dimes

Jenna Hiller

Mrs. Pittsford

Jenna Hiller,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Pittsford
  • Husbands Name: Adam
  • Number of Children: Two children. Daughters 6
  • Years Married: 9
  • Community Focus:
    Women Entrepreneurs - Empowering and inspiring women to be their best selves and to go for their dreams!

Lisa Ostrander

Mrs. ROC City

Lisa Ostrander,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. ROC City
  • Husband Name: Greg  
  • Number of Children: 2
  • Years Married: 10
  • Community Focus: Representing and partnering with the national organization IMPACT Melanoma to educate and create awareness about melanoma cancer. 

Bobbi Jo Dondorfer

Mrs. Rochester

Bobbi Jo Dondorfer,

⦁ Name and Local Title Name: Mrs. Rochester
⦁ Husband Name: Paul
⦁ Number of Children: 1 - Antonio
⦁ Years Married: 3
⦁ Community Focus: Badge of Honor Association- A Non-for- Profit Organization that exists to honor Men and Women in Law Enforcement who gave the ultimate sacrifice and who go above and beyond the call of duty. BOHA focuses on supporting the families of these police officers

Danyel R. Nagle

Mrs. Rockland County

Danyel R. Nagle,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Rockland County
  • Husband Name: Brian
  • Number of Children: 1 daughter
  • Years Married: 3
    Community Focus:  Anti- Bullying

Bridget Croteau

Mrs. Suffolk County

Bridget Croteau ,

  • Local Title name: Mrs. Suffolk County
  • Husband name: Beau
  • Number of Children: 2 
  • Years Married: 9
  • Community Focus: You Are Not Alone: Raising Awareness for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Postpartum Resource Center of New York

Patti Gomez-Michalkow

Mrs. Syracuse

Patti Gomez-Michalkow,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Syracuse
  • Husband Name: Nicholas
  • Years Married: 1
  • Community Focus: As an Army veteran herself, Mrs. Syracuse represents Homes for Our Troops, a nonprofit organization that provides specially-adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kristen Joy Martin

Mrs. Victor

Kristen Joy Martin,

  • Local Title Name: Mrs. Victor 
  • Husband Name:
  • Number of Children: 1 daughter. Sophia Joy Martin 
  • Years Marred: 7
  • Community Focus: “Empowering women to be the victor of their life!” 

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