Meet The 2019 Delegates

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Leanne Lickfield

Mrs. Batavia

Husbands name:  Kristofer Lickfeld

  • Number of Children; 1 biological child and 1 step child
  • Years Married  1.5
  • Community Focus

Using my platform #YouAreMoore: Bringing Addiction out of the Shadows and into the Light, I have teamed up with Open Door Mission to make a difference in our communities near and far, in the battle against drugs.

Jennaydra Jordan

Mrs. Brooklyn

Husbands name: Orlando O. Jordan

  • Number of Children: One son
  • Years Married: 4
  • Community Focus: My community focus is Empowerment Through Financial Literacy. 

Money management is a life skill that empowers individuals, which in turn strengthens families and ultimately communities.  My mission is to use my financial expertise as the vehicle to touch as many lives as possible for the betterment of humanity.

Kate Schneider

Mrs. Capital Region

Husbands name: James Schneider

  • Years Married: 9
  • Community Focus: Childhood health, wellness, and nutrition

Victoria Wejko

Mrs. Cayuga County

Husbands name: John Wejko

  • Number of Children: 3 Step Children 
  • Years Married: 8 Months 
  • Community Focus: Annie's Victory, Creating a Violence-Free Future 

Kristin Bauer-Gross

Mrs. CNY

Husbands name: Aaron Gross 

  • Years Married: 4 years 
  • Platform: “Courage to Dream” 
  • Charity: Scholarship Fund: New York Institute of Dance and Education 

Luisa Diaz Brown

Mrs. Cosmopolitan

Husbands name: Alan Brown

  • Years Married: One Year
  • Community Focus :  Founder of Mi Amor Gala which is a celebration of Kindness: "Angels that empower other angles with broken wings through the gift of love."  Mi Amor Gala partners with the charity organization Safe Passage,  

I have served on the Board of Directors for over five years. The goal of Safe Passage is to "break the cycle of domestic abuse by healing and empowering women and their children enabling them to live a new, safe productive lives". 

When you empower women through bettering their education and building their self-esteem, you are in turn empowering their family, friends and community as well. 

Please join me in continuing to offer opportunities, second chances  and honoring these courageous women on their transformation from the inside out. 

For more information please visit my website: 

Jackie Berry

Mrs. Dutchess County

Husbands name: Chris Berry

  • Years Married: 18
  • Number of Children: 1 son,  11-year-old, Grey
  • Community Focus: My platform is 'Helping Birds Help People', which highlights the value of birds in our environment and their impact on human health. I'm an Official Ambassador for the Audubon Society, which protects birds and their habitats, and a TV Host and producer for the program "Bird to the Wise" now airing on many local stations all over the state.

Jennifer Sanzo

Mrs. Fairport

Husbands name:  Steven Sanzo

  • Number of Children: 2
  • Years Married:  11
  • Community Focus:  Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurialism
  • Charity Partner:  Dress for Success Rochester 

Caresa Richardson

Mrs. Great Lakes

Husbands name: David Richardson

  • Number of Children: 1 daughter named Sharon Rose Richardson
  • Years Married: 5 years
  • Community Focus: In partnership with the YWCA of Onondaga County I am Inspiring women and girls living in poverty and raising awareness through my #povertylookslike social media campaign

Alicia Hicks

Mrs. Hilton

Husband: Kiy Hicks 

  • Number of Children: 3
  • Married: 10 years 
  • Platform title name: Change your thinking, Change your life. 

Kate Boydston

Mrs. Hudson Valley

Husbands name: Christopher Boydston

  • Number of Children:  Hudson Robert 1 year old
  • Years Married: 3.5 years
  • Community Focus: I have partnered with Autism Speaks to help families find beneficial resources in their communities. 

Kathy Lettiere

Mrs. Jefferson County

Husband: Michael A. Lettiere Sr.

  • Number of Children: 4
  • Years Married: 35
  • Community Focus:  Out of the Darkness--Suicide Prevention 

Marissa Rossman

Mrs. Liberty

Corey Rossman

  • Years Married: 1.5 Years
  • Community Focus:  Assisting Women through Action, Resources & Education.

Dominique Dickson

Mrs. Long Island

Husbands name: Joseph Dickson

  • Number of Children: Two
  • Years Married: Seven
  • Community Focus: New York Blood Center

Jessica Fabus Cheng

Mrs. Metropolitan

Husbands name: Dan Cheng

  • Years Married: 2.5 years
  • Community Focus: Family advocate for the Parent Project: Muscular Dystrophy
    organization and providing education on the importance of pre-conception genetic testing

Leanne Baum

Mrs. Nassau County

Husbands name: John Baum

  • Years Married: 2
  • Community focus - Body Positivity, Loving the Skin You’re In!

Mina Ennin Black

Mrs. New York City

Husbands name: William Black

  • Number of Children: 2
  • Years Married: 10
  • Community Focus: Maternal Health & Women Civic Engagement

Katie Flaherty

Mrs. Onondaga County

Husbands name: Will Flaherty

  • Years Married: 10
  • Community Focus: "From Shame to Shine" Campaign- Spreading awareness about female health and helping women Heal from trauma, and Empower them to Reclaim their lives.

Linda Harris

Mrs. Ontario County

Husbands name: Tommy Harris

  • Number of Children: 7
  • Years Married: 13 years
  • Community Focus: Homeless and transitioning veterans

Tiffanie Tartaglia

Mrs. ROC City

Husband: Christopher Tartaglia 

  • Children:: 4
  • Years married: 3 years
  • Community focus: Willow Domestic Violence Center

Bobbi Jo Dondorfer

Mrs. Rochester

Husbands name: Paul Dondorfer

  • Children: 1 son
  • Years Married: 4
  • Community Focus: Providing support for fallen officers families and police officers involved in critical incidents.

Bridget Croteau

Mrs. Suffolk County

Husbands name: Beau Croteau

  • Number of Children: 2
  • Years Married: 10
  • Community Focus: "You Are Not Alone: Raising Awareness for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders"; Volunteer for the Postpartum Resource Center of New York

Courtney Carter DeJesus

Mrs. Syracuse

Husbands name: Evan DeJesus

  • Number of Children: 1
  • Years Married: 4
  • Community Focus: "Healthy Baby, Healthy Moms"

Brigid Hetzler

Mrs. Upstate New York

Husbands name: John Klibanoff, MD

  • Number of Children: 4 children
  • Years Married: 10 months
  • Community Focus: Brigid's Hope- a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,
    founded by Brigid, whose mission is to raise college scholarships for inner city youth living in at risk situations.

Kate Loewke

Mrs. Western New York

Husbands name: TJ Loewke

  • Number of Children: 3
  • Years Married:  21
  • Community Focus: New York State Police Signal 30 Benefit Fund


Emily Mahana, Miss Syracuse of America

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A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Fabulous Face Winner’s charity, school, church or non-profit organization of choice. Another portion will go towards The Mrs. America Organization’s Charity

Victoria’s Voice Foundation.

Votes are $5 per vote.

You may vote as many times as you like!

5 votes= $25, 10 votes= $50, 20 votes= $100, etc.

Contest starts on February 19th and ends March 25th at 11:00 p.m. EST

The winner of The Fabulous Face Contest will automatically be placed in the Top 5 on Sunday, March 31st. 

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