Meet The 2024 Delegates

Komal Singh Mehis

Mrs. Albany

Name: Komal Mehls
Local Title: Mrs. Albany
Community Focus: My platform is rooted in the idea that "BUILD STRONGER COMMUNITIES THROUGH SERVICE". I am making a change through the path of volunteering for the causes I deeply care about, PEOPLE and ANIMALS. I am involved as a volunteer at the Homeward Bound Dog rescue helping find innocent puppies and Dogs their forever homes. I am a Volunteer Fire Fighter helping my community in the best way I can. Volunteering builds stronger communities, encourages civic responsibility and promotes development of so many causes that aim to improve quality of life. I am ready to support any person who gives of themselves for others and be their microphone.
Husband: William Mehls
Children: 0
Years Married: 13

2024 Mrs. New York America

Kathy Lovett-McKeever

Mrs. Buffalo

Name: Kathy Lovett-McKeever
Local Title: Mrs Buffalo
Community Focus: Step-up, Save Lives. Learn CPR
Husband: Glenn McKeever
Children: None
Years Married: 7 years

2024 Mrs. New York AmeriCAN

Victoria Wejko

Mrs. Cayuga County

Name: Victoria Wejko
Local Title: Mrs. Cayuga County
Community Focus: You Are Not Alone: Partnership with the Boys and Girls Club
Husband: John Wejko
Children: 3 Stepchildren
Years Married: 5 1/2 years

Christina Fanitzi

Mrs. Hudson Valley

Name: Christina Anne Fanitzi
Local Title: Mrs. Hudson Valley
Community Focus: Spina Bifida Association of New York State
Husband: Lt. Col Andrew Newbrander, USMC
Children: 1
Years Married: 4

Lissa Mariel Southerland

Mrs. Long Island

Name: Lissa Mariel Southerland
Local Title: Mrs. Long Island America
Community Focus: Athletes are Human - Ambassador for Athletes for Hope Wellbeing Program
Husband: Jack Southerland
Children: 4
Years Married: 18

Heba Elakhrass

Mrs. Monroe

Name: Heba Elakhrass
Local Title: Mrs. Monroe
Community Focus: Awareness of ALL children with needs
Husband: Sherif Ahmed
Children: 2
Years Married: 15 years

Xiaohong Li

Mrs. Staten Island

Name: Xiaohong Li
Local Title: Mrs. Staten Island
Community Focus: Autism studies and services
Husband: Ian Alberts
Children: 2 children
Years Married: 18 years

Bethanie Garcia

Mrs. Upstate New York

Name: Bethanie Garcia
Local Title: Mrs. Upstate New York
Community Focus: "Don’t Stop Dancing!” with my nonprofit, The GAME! (The Garcia Academy of Movement & Expression)
Husband: Nephi Garcia
Children: 6 children
Years Married: 15 years


Rania Joudeh

Miss Brooklyn

Name: Rania Joudeh
Local Title: Miss Brooklyn
Community Focus: Focus on the Facts: Bringing Education back to the basics

Rubena Budhu

Miss Electric City

Name: Rubena Budhu
Local Title: Miss Electric City
Community Focus: Mental Health

Farida Reene Hoffmann

Miss Queens

Name: Farida Reene Hoffmann
Local Title: Miss Queens NY
Community Focus: I’m thrilled to share a space where fashion meets empowerment, celebrating the beauty and resilience of bullying survivors. Together, let’s dress in confidence and reclaim our stories, one outfit at a time.

Megan Dems

Miss Syracuse

Name: Megan Dems
Local Title: Miss Syracuse
Community Focus: Advocacy for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, in partnership with Vera House and the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic violence.

2024 Miss New York for America Strong

Candace Taylor

Miss L.I.

Name: Candace Taylor
Local Title: Miss Long Island
Community Focus: 
Empowering women through ethical and sustainable fashion, and championing environmental stewardship.
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