Letter From The Director

I’m honored to celebrate my tenth year as Executive Director for the Mrs. New York America Pageant, Mrs. New York American, and Miss New York for America Pageants!  The beautiful and accomplished women representing New York begin their journey to capture the crown, which is the first step toward becoming the next Mrs. America, Mrs. American, and Miss for America!

I know firsthand how incredible this experience can be.  I was Mrs. Arizona America 2006, Mrs. America 2006, and Mrs. World 2007.   Although it took a couple tries to win Mrs. Arizona, the work and preparation made it an experience of a lifetime possible.  I will always cherish the friendships I’ve made through this pageant system.   Many wonderful opportunities were made possible because of my involvement with Mrs. America too, like serving as Honorary Chair for Race for the Cure to beat Breast Cancer, ringing the NASDAQ opening bell, and traveling to Malaysia, China, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, and across America during my reign.    

Although beauty is central to Mrs. America and Miss for America, it’s essential that there is an authentic connection to family, platform and community.   All participants in this organization are model women with strong character that has led to personal and professional fulfillment.  I had the privilege of getting to know each of these ladies, and the Mrs. New York America and Miss New York for America systems are stronger because of their involvement.  

The Beautiful Mrs. New York America 2019, Kate Schneider, made us very proud during her year of service.  Congratulations to Kate for placing 1st runner-up in The 2019 Mrs. World Pageant!  Kate’s beauty, intelligence, community focus and life experience made her an inspiration while volunteering with children and attending numerous charity events.  Our Mrs. New York created an opportunity to travel the world and built memories and frendships that will last a lifetime.  Kate’s integrity, insights, and positive energy left a permanent mark on the pageant.  Thank you Kate!  And thank you to your husband Jimmy, and mother Marcy who were always present and engaged.  The family showed tremendous support throughout the year.  

The Stunning Miss New York for America Emily Mahana was our very first Miss New York for America!  Emily, you did an incredible job as Miss New York for America and we’re so proud of you.  Congratulations for placing as a Top Semi-Finalist at Miss for America! Emily, thank you for promoting your personal platform STEM and using both your platform and the Miss New York for America Organization to educate, encourage, and empower young women to be the best version of themselves in every area of life.  You’re an amazing role model, Emily, and I know you’ll have great success in your future.

There’s also a number of people who I can’t thank enough for their support: my loving husband Roy, Mom and Dad, brother Vic, sister-in-law Kimmie, nephew Bryson, niece Brynlee, and Grandma Mary all help make this pageant a reality.  I love you all from the bottom of my heart.  David and Elaine Marmel, founders of Mrs. America and Mrs. World, I have been extremely fortunate to share many amazing adventures with you.  To my dear friends: Susanna, Jessica, Di, Kelly, Nicole, Tracy,  Julie, Vicky, Alicia,  Amy, Missy, Alyssa, Hilary, Mai-Lea, Caroline, Penny, Sibylle, Laurette, Mary, Eiesha, Raquel, Holly, Christiana, Lisa, Brittany, Mrs. America State Directors, my Mrs. Arizona-America-World sister titleholders, and former Mrs. New York America and reigning Queens Kate and Emily, thank you for your love, friendship and continued support.  

Finally, this event is possible thanks to our Judges Panel, Dance Choreographer Pamela Schlickler, former Mrs. New York Americas, Web Designer Mark Bearse at MBDEV Boston, Pageant Staff, Julie Andrecolich, Joeval’s Formalwear, Rochester Woman Online, Kelly Breuer, Joan Lincoln, Christopher Cardwell, Zhang Le, Glow Sunless Tans, Josh Shapiro, Vitalize, Encore Events, Rizzo DiGiacco, Hern & Baniewicz CPAs, RIT Inn and Conference Center staff, Rapid Print and Marketing, Eastview Mall,, Dress for Success Rochester, Corrin Stellakis, Taverna Productions, and all of our generous sponsors that came together to make this pageant a success!   We are grateful for your passion to support the goals and dreams of the women who enter this pageant. 

Diane Hardgrove

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