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Alice Lee Giannetta

About Mrs. New York America 2017

Alice Lee Giannetta is an attorney, activist and the newly crowned Mrs. New York America 2017. She won the title on 11/13/2016. Alice is a first generation American, living the American dream.

She is the first Asian American woman to win this title in New York. She will be representing New York in the 2017 Mrs. America pageant in Las Vegas. The Mrs. America pageant is the most prestigious pageant celebrating married women, service and family since 1977.

Alice works at an international law firm based out of Manhattan.

She was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the United States with her family when she was 8 years old and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. She served as bilingual emcee in community events. Alice is an active and influential member of the Asian American and legal communities in New York. Alice is a proud New Yorker, she lived in Flushing, Whitestone, Long Island, and now Manhattan. She loves the diversity of New York. She graduated from SUNY Stonybrook with a Bachelors in Political Science. She received her Juris Doctorate from CUNY School of Law.

In addition to Alice’s legal career, she has been a professional model for 16 years and is currently signed with Wilhelmina Models New York. She has appeared in many campaigns ranging from Avon, Shiseido, Lenscrafter, Panasonic, Best Buy, W Hotels, Pure Barre and Tweezerman. She has also been published in numerous magazines such as Esquire Malaysia and Vanity Fair.

Alice’s life has been a testament to her long time philanthropic work. In 2008, Alice was one of the founding board member of Brooklyn Asian Voice Organization (“BRAVO”), a 501(c) 3 organization that provides after school programs, internships, sports leagues and summer day camps to youths from lower income families. This is also Alice’s 5th consecutive year where she volunteers as the Legal Counsel to another national non-profit organization, Project by Project, which fundraises and conducts community outreach for a different partner charity each year.

In her spare time, Alice enjoys strength training and cooking healthy meals for her family. She believes that women should use more weights in their fitness regiment and taking care of your health enables you to do everything else better! Alice won her first fitness competition with the WBFF organization and now teaches seminars on training, poise and posing.

Alice thanks her parents Howard and Lili for their love and support, their sacrifice made it possible for Alice to succeed. She also thanks her entire family, friends, her wonderful in-laws for their encouragement and support.

Alice resides in Manhattan with her loving husband Pat, and their two dogs, Mia and Bambina. They enjoy traveling, laughing together, sharing a great meal with friends, and date nights comprised of Netflix with authentic New York pizza!

Alice Lee Giannetta是一位律師、活動家和2017年新加冕的紐約美國夫人。她在2016年11月23日贏得了該頭銜。Alice是第壹代美國人,實現了美國夢。



她出生在臺灣,8歲時和家人移民到美國,會说流利的普通話。她在社區活動中擔任雙語大使。Alice是紐約亞裔美國人和法律界中積極並具有影響力的成員。Alice是壹個自信的紐約人,她曾在法拉盛、白石、長島居住,現居曼哈頓。她熱愛紐約的多樣性。她畢業於紐約州立大學石溪分校(SUNY Stonybrook),並獲得政治學學士學位。她從紐約市大學(CUNY)法學院獲得了法學博士學位。

除了法律事業,Alice成為專業模特已有16年,目前已與威廉敏娜模特紐約公司(Wilhelmina Models New York)簽約。她出席於許多活動,包括Avon、Shiseido、Lenscrafter、Panasonic、 Best Buy、WHotels、PureBarre和Tweezerman。她也被許多雜誌報道,如馬來西亞Esquire(Esquire Malaysia)和名利場(Vanity Fair)。

Alice致力於長期的慈善工作。 2008年,Alice是布魯克林亞洲之音組織(“BRAVO”)的創始人之壹,該組織是壹個501(c)3組織,向低收入家庭的青年提供課後項目、實習、體育聯賽和夏令營活動。這是Alice連續第五年自願擔任另壹個國家非營利組織“項目計劃”的法律顧問,該計劃每年為不同的合作夥伴慈善機構籌款並開展社區拓展活動。




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